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I've been in art and design for over 20 years. I worked at several architectural and design firms where I designed high-end clubhouses along the east coast as well as in the mid-western states. My work during that time really enabled me to manage large projects from start to finish as well as learning the art of working hand-in-hand with the construction foreman and subcontractors. 


My husband, Rick, joined forces with me after a long stint in the corporate world. We have completed several successful home renovations together. We are confident and well-versed in coordinating and completing timely construction schedules and have acquired a great team of subcontractors throughout the years. Our focus and daily motivation is to be an advocate and a voice for customers who are investing in their homes, but have little to no expertise and no spare time to manage a significant home project. We are able to get people through the process doing all we can to protect their budgets, while holding those doing the work accountable for the quality of the construction. My process prioritizes a thoughtful estimation of all services and materials in the design and planning portion of the project. This best-practices approach helps keep the timeline in check and reduces the risk of overlooking costly additions. 


I am proud to offer services that other small design-build firms cannot provide in terms of a solid construction drawing set. Construction drawings are a formal contract between the contractor, client, and designer. In essence, it protects all parties. Any changes to the plan will be duly noted and distributed. It is a prevention in real-time errors and is an effective tool in budgeting and planning.

My design is thoughtful and clean. I love a challenge and will find ways to create a flow and function unique to you and your family, as well as updating and making a space that is aesthetically pleasing and impactful. 

Here's what's going around...

I have the best designer! She’s so thoughtful and her work is amazing! Thank you Jessie Alfieri for this creative and thoughtful gift! The best gift you gave was working with us to renovate our beautiful new kitchen!

Friends- If you need a designer who helps you from start to finish and is completely professional, I highly recommend Jessie Alfieri Designs!

-Christy H.

Jessie recently remodeled the main floor of our ranch style home.  Hire her; you won't be disappointed.  Jessie is professional, creative and respects your budget and your timeline for completion.  She communicated with us throughout the project, listening to our ideas, making suggestions and keeping us informed about the progress of the remodel.  We left our home in her care for three weeks.  She drew blueprints, scheduled all of the contractors, oversaw their work, asked them to redo things when they were not up to her standards (which are very high) and attended to every detail.  She redid our kitchen - new cabinets, granite, even increased the surface area of our counters, which I didn't think was possible - installed floors throughout and painted bathrooms and the main bedroom.  Jessie helped us love our home.  

- Addy W.

Jessie Alfieri, I can't thank you enough for stepping up and picking up the pieces on our kitchen remodel after our GC ripped us all off. Your integrity and dedication to your work will take you far. We absolutely love the design you did for us and would recommend you to anyone!

-Mark P.

Working with Jessie Alfieri is always such an enjoyable experience. After carefully listening to my design needs and the challenges of the space, she provided thoughtful and creative design options and involves me in the process each step of the way. The final product is always beautiful and even better than I could have hoped for. Jessie really makes you feel like you're the star of your own show! I am always looking forward to my next design project with Jessie Alfieri Designs.

- Ashleigh W.

I don't know how you coordinate all the moving parts. It's enough to make a person insane. With that being said, I really appreciate everything from you and Rick. This is a huge undertaking for me and you've been so great, holding my hand through the whole process. You guys are my heroes! Thank you.

- Anne

Kitchen remodel is complete and I’m just so in love with everything! Jessie Alfieri thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for making my ideas become a reality. You stepped up when the GC fell and I thank you so much for seeing us through until the end. Everything is so beautiful!

- Alison P.

We hired Jessie Alfieri Designs to tackle a small renovation project at our residence.  Our laundry room was inconveniently located on the main level of the house, away from the bedrooms.  Luckily, we had a secondary closet in the primary suite, so Jessie, Rick and their team were able to relocate the laundry to that space.  The original laundry space was converted into an oversized pantry, and the original pantry to a small appliance/coffee tea area.  Not only were they able to make the laundry more accessible and convenient, they were also able to give us so much more additional space and storage in the kitchen area with the new pantry/small appliance area.  From the outset, Jessie and Rick were so thorough with every detail of the project.  Even when we had to pivot and make some changes, they were determined to make sure the final project was everything we wanted.  Not only were Jessie and Rick a great pleasure to work with, but each subcontractor that worked on our project was professional, courteous and excelled at their job.  We could not be more thrilled with the final product, and we already have other projects we are excited to get started on with Jessie Alfieri Designs.

- Kelli G.

Thank you for the excellent communication and support. I knew from the first day you came to the house, you were my people!!

- Anne

You've been amazing to work with!

- Delilah's Everyday Soul



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